Nail Biting Research

As promised, here are the most helpful research articles on nail biting in annotated PDF form. This stuff is rather boring to read, but it is my gift to you if you’d like it! These PDFs have been annotated by me, but I do not own them. These are research studies and the citations can be found within.

Emotion regulation and other psychological models for body-focused repetitive behavior

Nail Biting Research – Web articles and Studies

Onychophagia as a Spectrum of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (2009)

The impact of emotions on body-focused repetitive behaviors

The Role of Awareness in Reducing Nail-biting Behavior (1979)

chronic nail biting and oral carriage of enterobacteriaceae (2007)

Drug treatment of nail biting

Effects of match and unmatched stimuli on nail biting in children (2014)

I warned you! These are long and boring. Let’s go back!

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