My Story

Hi! My name is Travis Grubesky. I was a nail biter for 15 years. I was frustrated, upset, embarrassed and just plain tired of the nail biting habit and how it was affecting my life. These are all feelings you probably have had.

I searched many articles on the internet, talked to multiple doctors, read every research study, and tested techniques and tools on myself until I found the ones that worked the best. I want to pass on these techniques and tools to you so you may be free of this habit as I am now.

I’ve created the Nail Biter’s Toolkit course with this goal in mind. The relief you will feel and the benefits you will gain are incredibly empowering. These benefits include: increased confidence, beautiful and healthy nails, lower stress levels, and much more.

Ready to give it a try? Let’s get started!

it's time to quit nail biting

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