My Story

I was a nail biter for 15 years. I was frustrated, upset, embarrassed and just plain tired of the nail biting habit and how it was affecting my life. These are all feelings you probably have had.

I searched many articles on the internet, talked to multiple doctors, read every research study, and tested techniques and tools on myself until I found the ones that worked the best. I want to pass on these techniques and tools to you so you may be free of this habit as I am now.

Solution Nail Biter's Toolkit

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    Increased Confidence

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    Lower Stress Levels

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    Beautiful and Healthy Nails

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    Many More Benefits


THE Benefits

If you really want to stop biting your nails, I can offer you a complete, comprehensive method that’s guaranteed to work. The Nail Biter’s Toolkit contains everything you need to know to stop biting your nails once and for all, and forever.

A Permanent Solution

When you stop biting your nails, you’ll no longer have to worry about being embarrassed by ragged nails and bleeding cuticles. You won’t feel the shame of being in the grip of a habit you feel you can’t control. You’ll be able to show your hands proudly in public, and you’ll also decrease your stress and anxiety levels.

Client Testimonials

Basilis Manolis

The product was great! I stopped nail biting from the 4th video! It was so easy by watching short videos instead of reading huge articles!

-Βασίλης Μανώλης (Basilis Manolis)


I have not bitten my nails for 11 days and it feels amazing. I can even now pick out things like cards without needing to use my whole hand. I also did not struggle with any of the courses. Even away from the course I did not have any urge to bite my nails, this is truly down to will power but it is HUGELY influenced by the courses and they are amazing and they help so much with the addiction of biting nails. Thank you Travis you have made me truly happy and have improved my way of life.

– Lewis Woodgate


Which level feels right for you?

If you’re in any doubt at all that the Nail Biter’s Toolkit will work for you, then let me set your mind at ease. There is a risk-free 365 day guarantee! If you don’t get the results simply ask for a refund.

That’s how confident I am that the Nail Biter’s Toolkit will help you stop biting once and for all. No more embarrassment, no more guilt, no more beating yourself up over your bad habit. It worked for me, and I know it will work for you.

Risk Free

Pricing Levels

Silver $49

Gold $79

Platinum $199

3 Step-By-Step Modules (Including Techniques, Tools, and Videos)

Recommended Resources

2 Bonus Tools (Awareness Table and Vision Board)

2 Bonus Techniques

30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session

Private Invite to Group Weekly Check-in Session (52 weeks)